Too Long, Didn't Read

Here's the short version. If you move to a new apartment in Berlin, you need to register with the government.

  • Get your passport or ID
  • Get a move-in confirmation from your landlord
  • Fill out and print the Anmeldung form with Amty
  • Grab an appointment here
  • Show up at that day and time

For some more detailed information, here we go. The rest of this is article largly a direct translation of this official page.

What, When, Where, Why?

First off, what is an Anmeldung and when do you have to do it?

An Anmeldung is where you go into a local government office and register yourself - where you live and where you moved from. You have to do this process if:

  • You have moved to a new apartment within the city
  • You have moved to Berlin from another municipality in Germany
  • You moved to Berlin from abroad.

Within 14 days of moving in, you have to register with the registration office (Meldebehörde) at a local Bürgeramt.

An exception to this registration period is only made if you are staying in Berlin temporarily for up to two months or if you are registered in an apartment in Germany and your stay does not exceed six months.

You can register at one of the more than 40 Berlin citizens' offices. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation of registration (Meldebestätigung). You'll need this for things like opening a bank account, etc.

Can I Do This Online?

A written registration is not possible. You have to go in person or send someone with power of attorney. You can find this power of attorney (Vollmacht) form on the official site.

Required documents

You'll have to bring some documents with you. The main ones are:

  • Your Passport or ID
  • The filled-out Anmeldung form (which Amty helps you with)
  • A document from your landlord saying you moved in.

Let's go into some detail.

Proof of identity

Identity card, passport, children's passport for German nationals or national passport or passport replacement papers for foreign nationals. Make sure to bring all the documents for everyone moving.

Filled-out Anmeldung form

Persons of a family who move from the previous apartment to the new apartment together can use one registration form together. If there are more than 2 persons to register, you will need to use another registration form.

Move-in Confirmation from the landlord

Since 1 November 2015, a landlord needs to confirm the move-in in writing with a signature to the renter within two weeks of the move-in. This is called the Einzugsbestätigung.

The confirmation must contain the following data:

  • Name and address of the housing provider and,
  • If he/she is not the owner, the name of the owner
  • The move-in date
  • The address of the apartment
  • The names of the people moving in

You cannot use a rental agreement, you need the move-in confirmation.

You can get a sample of the form here, but honestly, your landlord should know to give you one.

Supplement to the registration form (in case of several apartments)

If you are not giving up your previous apartment, you'll have to bring an extra form, also found on the official site.

So How Do I Do This?

OK, so if you have your ID and your move-in confirmation from your landlord, then fill out and print the Anmeldung form with Amty, grab an appointment here and show up on the day of the appointment. Easy peasy!