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Instant. Deal with bureaucracy in just a few taps.

Tired of filling out complicated forms nobody understands? With Amty, filling out a form is almost too fast.

Easy. Fill the form with ease with helpful guides.

For each question in a form you can view helpful information to quickly become a form filling pro.

Secure. Your personal data never leaves your device.

PDF forms are generated right on your device so that no data needs to be synchronized with a server.

All of your forms at your fingertips.

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  • What is Amty?

    Amty is a simple iOS app that helps you fill out your Anmeldung form to register with the government when you move into a new place in Berlin. For English speakers, this process can be pretty daunting, so we made an app to make it a little simpler.

  • Where is Amty available? Is it available in my city?

    Amty only fills out the official form for the Berlin Anmeldung process currently. We are working on other cities and other forms to help you with your various German bureaucratic processes.

  • Does Amty store my data?

    Amty stores your data locally on your iOS device only. It does not submit your data to any server. Your form data can be stored on your device to help you fill out the form again the next time you move.

  • Who created Amty?

  • Does Amty cost money?

    Nope. Amty is totally free. If you find it helpful and need help learning German for real, certainly think about giving Chatterbug a try!

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